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Frequently Asked Questions

Who offers the cheapest liability car insurance?

State Farm offered the cheapest liability-only car insurance among 12 top insurance companies, with an annual quote of just $532. That's 24% cheaper than the average rate of $703. Geico wasn't far behind, with a quote of $667 per year for liability insurance.

How much does liability car insurance cost?

Liability-only car insurance costs an average of $51 per month (or $617 per year), but there are some companies with cheaper-than-average rates. We found that the cheapest liability-only car insurance is Auto-Owners Insurance. On average, the cost of a liability car insurance policy from Auto-Owners is $27 per month, or $327 per year.

What is the minimum amount of liability car insurance you should purchase?

Ramsey Solutions recommends that you purchase at least $500,000 worth of liability coverage, even if your state doesn't require liability insurance. This coverage should include property damage liability and bodily injury liability.

What is the average liability coverage for car insurance?

Liability-only car insurance that only meets state requirements for car insurance coverage costs an average of $728 per year.

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