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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there really any unbiased news sources?

Though no news site is ever free from bias, as a team of journalists, editors, news producers, and dozens of people are involved on each individual piece of content, each of these sites have qualities that make them a great source of unbiased news. 1. Wikinews

What is an unbiased news source?

by Johnny Lee Contributor. Unbiased news is an objective story that does not change the political position or interests of the media owner. In this case, biased news is often reversed. Continuous positive news provided by government news agencies or politicians self-funded by government leaders.

Which News Network is unbiased?

Similar to the WSJ, the BBC has been around for years, and is widely considered to be a legitimate place to obtain unbiased news. The BBC focusses more on world events, and attempts to report breaking news on every subject, as quickly as is possible to do while still publishing accurate stories.

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