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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the Lenovo ThinkVision p27h-10 monitor?

Lenovo ThinkVision P27h-10 delivers stunning QHD resolution (2560 x 1440) with factory-calibrated accuracy for exquisite detail and smart function to connect all USB devices onto monitor by one USB Type-C cable. The stunning Near-Edgeless IPS-type display is perfect for multi-screen settings, and connects easily to virtually any device. 27 Inches

What is the Lenovo ThinkVision p27u-10 swiveling stand?

Swiveling Stand? The Lenovo ThinkVision P27u-10 ($439), a 27-inch productivity monitor, offers the color accuracy and range of ergonomic features seen in its larger counterpart, the 32-inch ThinkVision P32u-10.

What is the ThinkVision t27p-10 USB-C Hub monitor?

The ThinkVision T27p-10 USB-C Hub Monitor helps you eliminate cable clutter with a single, all-in-one data, video, and power connector—the USB Type-C. This coupled with HDMI 2.0, DP 1.2, and four USB 3.1 Gen1 ports will help you effortlessly connect multiple peripherals at once.

What is the Delta E of the Lenovo p27u-10?

For the P27u-10, Lenovo claims a Delta E of less than 2, representing good color accuracy, for both the sRGB and Adobe RGB color spaces. Delta E (dE for short) is the difference between the hue of a displayed color and the input that the monitor received.

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