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Frequently Asked Questions

Should traveling nurses be capped?

There has been no legislation proposed in Congress to cap pay for traveling nurses. A letter signed by nearly 200 legislators called for an investigation into high pricing by staffing agencies, but its authors insist they do not want to cap wages for traveling nurses.

Is it time to cap nurses' pay?

As the pandemic comes to its third year, state legislatures across the US are looking to cap nurses’ pay. States are calling for local and federal regulation of nursing agencies who employ nursing home nurses and travel nurses.

How much should travel nurses be paid?

During the pandemic, both states addressed inflation and demands by increasing their caps by 35 percent. For example, in Minnesota, legislators increased the cap to a max of 58.08/hour per hour and 99.90/hour for holiday pay. Other state legislatures are advocating for limiting travel nurses’ wages.

Will the AHCA cap travel nurses' pay?

Most recently, the AHCA contacted the Federal Trade Commission to help regulate and cap travel nurses’ pay. A petition on has been circulating social media and nursing blogs. This petition was created by Nurse Jane and Impact in Healthcare. It currently has over half-a million signatures with the goal of a million.

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