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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I relink my CAC to leaveweb?

If you are active duty Air or Space Force you can relink your CAC by using the direct link or by logging into LeaveWeb through the Air Force portal. In the New User’s section, click Register. In the Active Duty Air & Space Force section, enter your SSN and click Register. Verify all profile information is complete and accurate.

How do I contact leaveweb support for issues with finance?

Issues that cannot be resolved by Finance will be routed to LeaveWeb Support through the AFAOC Helpdesk ([email protected]) or by calling them at DSN 787-3117 or Comm 937-257-3117. Their hours of operation are 0700-1700 Eastern Time

How do I Check my System requirements to run leaveweb?

Access the LeaveWeb login screen through the direct link or through the Air Force portal. In the Information for All Users section, click the LeaveWeb System Requirements link. The System Test screen displays and LeaveWeb initiates a test to verify that your system meets the minimum requirements to run the application.

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