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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the poem and leave show business about?

“And Leave Show Business?” by Ralph Burns Sometimes we need to say goodbye to colleagues because they finally gathered the courage they needed to quit a job they were unhappy in. Let such a coworker know they made the right choice with this poem.

What does the poet tell his erstwhile lover to do?

The poet tells his erstwhile lover that the best thing for them to do is to end their relationship, shake hands, and walk away – though in the closing sestet Drayton dares to dream that the relationship may yet be salvaged. The poem appeared towards the end of Drayton’s sonnet sequence Idea’s Mirror (1594).

What are some poems about someone who passed away?

My Captain!” by Walt Whitman Walt Whitman technically wrote this poem about the passing of Abraham Lincoln. However, because it doesn’t specifically mention Lincoln, it could apply to any beloved or admired person who is no longer with us. 22. “All is Well” by Henry Scott Holland

What does the poem in silence and tears mean?

In silence and tears, as this popular Byron poem has it. Possibly written about a real-life affair between the poet and Lady Frances Webster – who was also involved with the Duke of Wellington – this is a classic Romantic (and romantic) expression of parting as not-so-sweet sorrow. It begins: Sorrow to this …

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