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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do for leavers’ assemblies this year?

Many leavers’ assemblies traditionally involve an awards ceremony for the children. This year, why not turn the tables? Have the children present an awards ceremony for all the teachers who have taught them throughout their time in the school. Here are some ideas for various titles of each award:

What is a Leavers audio-visual presentation?

Leavers Audio-Visual Presentation For years now, most schools have produced a basic audio-visual presentation of the children’s time in school, to display during the leavers assembly. This usually consists of simple PowerPoint photos shown over a suitable song. But this year, why not make it a bit different?

Where can I find leavers’ Assembly titles?

Learn2soar Music already has a fantastic range of ready-to-use leavers’ assembly titles, containing leavers’ songs, leavers’ assembly scripts, leavers’ assembly ideas and resources, all from just £7.99 each (Click here for details).

How do you end an assembly with a goodbye?

Listen to the music (if you have it) and use the reflection below to end the assembly. We say 'Hello, Goodbye'. We say 'Goodbye, Hello'. to go to new schools, new places, and new lives. and thank you for all their time with us here at…

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