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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I learn marine navigation?

In order to learn marine navigation, you need to understand how to locate your position (using bearings, GPS, stars, etc.), how to read nautical charts to determine a course, how to plot a course on a nautical chart or chartplotter, and how to use a compass (in order to monitor the course). This still might seem like a lot. Don't worry.

How did you learn navigation skills as a child?

An informal survey of our Hike it Baby members found that many learned basic navigation skills as children either through Scouting ( Boy Scouts of America or Girl Scouts ), school classes or clubs, or their parents. Those who learned as children overwhelmingly stated that the skills stayed with them into adulthood.

Where can I find basic navigation courses?

Depending on where you are located, there are local organizations, clubs or shops that offer basic navigation courses. Here are just a few that came recommended by our members. There are many more that you can find through a simple Google search or by contacting your local hiking clubs, park systems or sporting goods stores.

What is your navigation technique?

Your navigation technique is simply the way you choose to get your lines. It is always recommended to have multiple ways of determining your location, just to be safe in case you have some sort of system failure. Find all types of marine navigation in my in-depth guide here

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