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Frequently Asked Questions

What is learndash and how does it work?

LearnDash is taking cutting edge elearning methodology and infusing it into WordPress. More than just a plugin, LearnDash is trusted to power the learning programs for major universities, small to mid-size companies, startups, entrepreneurs, and bloggers worldwide. Want to sell courses?

What is learndash's WordPress LMS plugin?

LearnDash’s WordPress LMS plugin is built based on deep learning industry experience. We have consulted extensively on learning programs for Fortune 500 companies as well as for the U.S. Government. Simply put: we know e-learning.

What is learndash advanced quizzing engine?

The LearnDash Advanced Quizzing engine gives you more options and more flexibility than any other on the market! Help Docs That Actually Help! Everyone has questions at some point, no matter how intuitive the software.

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