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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some leadership skills for a resume?

Strong leaders guide colleagues toward creative thinking, new solutions and different perspectives when working together. Your resume should describe leadership ability in a team setting, including skills such as listening, managing, rewarding and negotiating toward best solutions.

What are good skills for a resume?

Skills to highlight on a resume. There are two main types of skills for a resume: hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills, or technical skills, are those required to do the job. A front-end web developer would likely need to know HTML, CSS and JavaScript to get a job, for example, and an executive assistant must know Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

What skills to list on resume?

Industry-specific skills. They need to be front and center on your resume. If you’re in accounting, for example, your skills should list financial reporting and analysis, forecasting and projections, and audit reviews. If you’re looking for a job as a sommelier, list your knowledge of wine fundamentals and food pairing, as well as your experience with inventory management.

How do I describe my leadership skills?

Describe Strong Leadership Skills. While managers might focus on the technical aspects and compliance issues associated with supervising staff, leaders exhibit qualities and capabilities that instill in others the intrinsic satisfaction that employment affords them. That said, all leaders aren't managers or supervisors – within many organizations,...

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