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Frequently Asked Questions

What is lead Sherpa™?

So you’re forever looking for better ways to find leads. Lead Sherpa™ gives you the tools you need to combat weak deal flow, rising competition, and dying marketing channels. Stop throwing money away on blanket mailers and calls.

How many texts have you sent with lead Sherpa™?

THANK YOU.” “Week 1 of Lead Sherpa™… 2,254 messages sent, 2 appointments, 1 contract!! Thanks, Lead Sherpa™ this is a game-changer and so easy to use!!” “We just started Lead Sherpa™, and we’ve sent a little under 2,800 texts.

How fast is lead Sherpa™ read?

“It’s an absolutely phenomenal system. You guys have been great about taking our suggestions and implementing them to make Lead Sherpa™ better on a weekly basis.” Of all text messages are read within 3 seconds. Response rate – does it get any better than this? Faster than calling; infinitely faster than mail. Final read rate.

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