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Frequently Asked Questions

What is launchlaunchpoint™?

LaunchPoint™ is an aerospace propulsion company that designs and manufactures high specific power electric machine and controller solutions for the aerospace, defense, thermal management, power generation, and Advanced Air Mobility markets.

What is launchlaunchpoint Technologies doing for hybrid electric UAV propulsion?

LaunchPoint Technologies is developing a line of motor controllers specifically targeted at the hybrid electric UAV propulsion market as part of our Propulsion-By-Wire System.

What is launch Pointe recreation destination & RV park?

Launch Pointe Recreation Destination & RV Park is Southern California’s newest outdoor resort destination. It was designed to provide guests with a truly unique RV resort experience. Launch Pointe is conveniently located between Los Angeles and San Diego, off the I-15 freeway.

Is launch Pointe open for day use?

Launch Pointe welcomes visitors for Day Use at the Public Beach (east of the boat launch) and the Bobber/ Bait and Tackle store. Day use is no longer permitted for the amenities of the RV portion of Launch Pointe. As of February 26, 2019, the City has received over 12 inches of rain this year.

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