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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Latin word for storm?

Latin Translation. tempestas. More Latin words for storm. tempestas noun. tempest, weather, time, season, period. procella noun. hurricane, tempest, windstorm, squall, rush.

What is another word for thunderstorm?

Translations for thunderstorm. Use our Synonym Finder. Nearby Words. thunderstorms. thunderstricken. thunderstrike. thunderstrikes. thunderstriking.

What is the formula for a storm?

As other answerers have said the basic formulae is “(chosen word for storm) + sum.” Here are some different words you might use for storm, with slightly different connotations. -Procella- A gale or windstorm. -Tempestas- Standard word for storm. -Imber- Rainstorm -Hiems- Wintery storm. Procella sum or tempestas sum.

What is the origin of the word stormy?

Old English had styrman, cognate with Dutch stormen, Old High German sturman, German stürmen, Danish storme, Military sense "attack (a place) by scaling walls and forcing gates" (1640s) first attested in writings of Oliver Cromwell. Related: Stormed; storming. Italian stormire "make a noise" is from Germanic. barnstorm (v.)

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