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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the world getting more or less religious?

The world is becoming more religious, as the number of agnostics and others who don't affiliate with a certain religion shrinks as a percentage of the global population. By 2050, just 13 percent of...

Does the world need a new religion?

The world does not need religion. Religions are a set of rules that guide the individuals throughout their lives. And I strongly believe that they have served their purpose and we do not need them anymore. As Yuval Noah Harari says “ What we need now are morality and spirituality.

Does religion affect our lives?

Yes, a new Pew Research Poll found. Americans who practiced religion were more connected to family, were more inclined to serve the community, and tended to be happier in their lives, respectively. What researchers found was that they also shared common traits with non-religious people.

Is Internet destroying religion?

Is the internet diminishing the number of believers, increasing it or maintaining it? Personally, in spite of many people still believing in god and practising a specific religion, the internet has a greater influence on destroying religion than promoting it.

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