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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these 2020 fashion trends still happening?

This year might be almost over (how?!), and while a majority of us might not have dressed up a ton—for obvious reasons—there's still time yet! These 2020 fashion trends are still very much happening, and with the last four months of the year, why not liven up your wardrobe a bit?

What is the most popular haircut in 2020?

The 5 Haircut Trends That Will Dominate 2020. 1 Textured Blunt Bob. Credit: Riawna Capri/Getty Images. Within the last 365 days, you’ve probably seen a lot of variations of the bob haircut. If all ... 2 Super Long Hair. 3 The Shag. 4 Invisible Layers. 5 Layered Pixie. More items

What are the best shoe trends for spring 2020?

These studded bad boys will definitely make a statement. The most ubiquitous shoe trend for spring 2020 was a Mary Jane-inspired silhouette. Designers breathed new life into this style by incorporating prints or adding texture à la Marc Jacobs' shearling-covered heels.

Are knit dresses in for 2020?

Knit Dresses As simple as they are chic, knit dresses are in for 2020. These easy and breezy dresses are perfect for all your spring and summer needs in the new year. Plus, you can totally stock up on them right now and stay ahead of the sartorial game.

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