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Frequently Asked Questions

What blood tests should you have for PCOS?

If your doctor diagnoses you with PCOS, they will want to evaluate you for type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol levels, which are common metabolic abnormalities in women with PCOS. These tests include: Glucose tolerance test (GTT): This test will allow your physician to measure your response to a sugar stimulus.

Why is PCOS hard to diagnose?

This condition is tough to diagnose because the symptoms are common for many women of reproductive age. For example, symptoms can include irregular periods, weight gain, and difficulty getting pregnant. To be diagnosed with PCOS, you must be found to have high levels of androgens, a type of hormone, in your blood stream.

How to confirm PCOS diagnosis?

Your doctor may check your blood pressure, BMI (body mass index), and waist size. She may also look at your skin to check for extra hair growth, acne, and discolored skin, which can all happen if you have PCOS. Pelvic exam: This is just like what happens when you get a regular checkup.

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