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Frequently Asked Questions

What is KWWL news Waterloo Iowa?

KWWL News Waterloo Iowa uses the brand name News 7 KWWL or KWWL News for its newscast. However, the network serves the audience with the slogan We’ve Got You Covered. Watch the channel live on local cable, over the antenna, and at

What is KWWL radar?

KWWL Radar presents the layer-by-layer weather conditions not only in Iowa but also in Waterloo and other nearby areas. In its Things To Do section, viewers can explore Community Calendar, Mr. Food Recipes, Contests, Tools for Schools, KWWL Virtual Tour, The Salvation Army, and KWWL Sponsored Events.

What is the difference between KWWL and NBC Cedar Rapids?

KWWL News is a Cedar Rapids-licensed TV news channel that operates at Virtual CH 7 under the umbrella of Allen Media Broadcasting. NBC Cedar Rapids is an NBC affiliate service that serves the entire Eastern Iowa TV market including Cedar Rapids, Dubuque, Iowa City, and Waterloo.

Where can I watch KWWL TV?

The list consists of Access Daily, Wheel of Fortune, KWWL News at Noon, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Teen Kids News. You can watch these programs on different live-streaming apps, and websites. Jeopardy! Family Game Fight The Life Savers vs. The A+ Team KWWL TV first hit the air on 29 November 1953 on the day of Thanksgiving.

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