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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ksumail (outlook powered by exchange)?

KSUmail (Outlook powered by Exchange) is the university’s email and calendaring solution for students, faculty, and staff. Go to to access your email. Large inbox size: Faculty and Staff using KSUmail have a 50GB inbox size.

How do I access ksumail on my mobile device?

Default iOS and Android Mail Applications – The Office of the CIO recommended methods for accessing KSUmail on your mobile devices Outlook App for iOS and Android – Microsoft’s dedicated Outlook application for mobile devices, available from your mobile device’s app store.

Is ksumail compatible with Office 365?

KSUmail features helpful integrations with Office products. OneDrive: Office 365 includes access to OneDrive cloud storage and file sharing. Collaboration: Students, faculty, and staff are able to easily share calendars, appointments, and folders through KSUmail’s unified address book.

How do I add folder shares to my ksumail account?

You need to manually add folder shares to your KSUmail account. ( Outlook on the Web ) Shared Calendars: Share acceptance email is generated. You will accept the share within the email. It is advised that the device be updated to the latest OS and the data backed up to the cloud before configuring KSUmail.

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