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Frequently Asked Questions

How to download KRNL on Windows 10?

Go to “Downloads” section of the browser or press “ctrl+j” to go to the file downloads on web browser. Hit “Allow” to download krnl on windows pc or laptop or desktop. Issues with the antivirus – all the roblox exploits works by injecting a dll file to roblox game and this is not a friendly process according to anti virus softwares.

Does KRNL have viruses?

Krnl isn’t a virus. It depends what source you downloaded it from, wearedevs and the discord server is the only place you should download it. so or ? Yes it is a rat (at least from Wearedevs source, not everything there has been disinfected). Same thing happened to me, i noticed something was trying to access my mic.

Is KRNL safe to download?

Ans. The antivirus in your system is the primary cause of your Krnl file not being able to download. Antivirus recognises exploiters as harmful code and prevents them from downloading.

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