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Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is KRDO-TV?

KRDO-TV shut down its analog signal, over VHF channel 13, on June 12, 2009, the official date in which full-power television stations in the United States transitioned from analog to digital broadcasts under federal mandate. The station's digital signal remained on its pre-transition UHF channel 24.

What do you think of KRDO?

Start your review of KRDO. KRDO has not only a TV station but also a radio station. I really enjoy how they integrate the news from both of those stations. The TV news is one of the best produced and reported in The Springs, and you can always count on their radio station to have up to date road and weather information.

What happened to the Dick Cavett Show on KRDO?

KRDO was one of the few ABC affiliates that didn't clear The Dick Cavett Show during the late 1960s and early 1970s. KRDO-TV had been locally owned by Pikes Peak Broadcasting Company since the station signed on.

What happened to Jene Nelson from KRDO?

The news director for local ABC affiliate KRDO-TV, Jene Nelson, announced today that she is no longer with the station. Nelson, who had also previously worked at local NBC affiliate KOAA-TV made the announcement via Facebook.

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