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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the KRBD kernel module be removed or blacklisted?

While the RBD tool has multiple uses, a configuration leveraging RBD-NBD has no use for the KRBD kernel module. Therefore, the KRBD module can be removed or blacklisted. When the KRBD module is blacklisted, it will not affect the running pods using KRBD. Upon a restart, all further mapping will be performed using RBD-NBD.

What is the difference between RBD and KRBD in Kubernetes?

The RBD tool which is needed by the Kubernetes master for dynamic provisioning is provided by the ceph-common package. The KRBD module is provided as part of the kernel package. RBD-NBD is a separate RPM, and it depends on basic Ceph libraries such as librbd and librados.

How do I use KRBD with containers?

Containers will use krbd independent of the option value. You can use the rbd utility to do low-level management tasks. If you use cephx authentication, you need to copy the keyfile from your external Ceph cluster to a Proxmox VE host.

Is RBD-NBD supported in K8s?

Although RBD-NBD is now supported, the default driver remains KRBD to maintain backward compatibility and allow smooth upgrades. So, in k8s 1.10 the kubelet will initially still use the RBD tool to map an image to a KRBD device.

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