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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of SD card do I need for Kindle Fire?

Keep in mind that even though the HD 7 and the HD 8 tablets have a somewhat different method of accessing the memory card, the steps are more or less the same. The next most important thing to note is that the micro SD card you wish to use in your Kindle Fire tablet must be formatted with either the FAT32 or the exFAT filing system.

What size memory card do I need for Kindle Fire HD 7?

64GB microSD Memory Card | Micro SD Class 10 Compatible with Amazon Kindle Fire 7, Kids Edition, Fire HD 8 / HD8, Fire HD 10 / HDX 7, HDX 8.9. Fits All 7 or 8.9 inches Tablet PC | 64 GB . Professional Ultra SanDisk 64GB MicroSDXC Card for Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7 Smartphone is custom formatted for high speed, lossless recording!

How do I use an SD card with an Amazon Fire tablet?

Once you’ve selected an appropriate SD card, Amazon gives you a lot of control over how to use it with a Fire tablet. You can decide whether you want to apps to be installed on the SD card, whether movies, music, or other content should automatically be downloaded to the SD card, or whether photos should be stored to the card.

How do I charge my Kindle Fire HD 10 plus?

Place your tablet in the Made for Amazon Wireless Charging Dock for Fire HD 10 Plus (11th Generation) or another Qi-certified wireless charger (all sold separately). You can also charge via the USB-C (2.0) port.

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