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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of wine is Kerner wine?

Kerner Wine. Kerner is a white grape variety grown widely across Germany. It was first bred in Wurttemberg in 1929 by crossing Riesling and Trollinger ( Schiava Grossa ), and was named for Justinus Kerner, a 19th-Century German poet and writer of drinking songs. Kerner is used in blends (like the infamous Liebfraumilch)...

What is another word for Kerner?

Synonyms. Kerner is known under the following synonyms: Herold Triumpf, Herold Weiss, Schiava Grossa x Riesling Renano WE 25/30, Trollinger x Riesling Renano WE S 25/30, WE S 2530, Weinsberg S 25-30, Weißer Herold.

Is Kerner a good tree to plant?

It is also high yielding, ripens reliably and, as it buds late, is protected from spring frosts. Kerner is one of the most popular crossings created in 20th-Century Germany, and is planted extensively throughout the country, and in particular in Pfalz and Rheinhessen.

What is the origin of the Kerner family?

Early Origins of the Kerner family. The surname Kerner was first found in Bavaria, where the name was anciently associated with the tribal conflicts of the area. They declared allegiances to many nobles and princes of early history, lending their influence in struggles for power and status within the region.

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