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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the standard size for Keen Footwear?

There is no footwear industry standard for shoe size. At KEEN, we list shoe sizes in centimeters so you can easily compare sizing with other brands. Where can I find the size guide chart for Keen Footwear?

Do Keens run bigger or smaller?

Although some collections run half an inch size larger, Keens sizing for shoes is generally true to size, thus, your standard shoe size will often be sufficient to buy KEEN footwear. Wearing a sock with those shoes often compensates for the increased room in the keen style or collection that run with a larger size.

What does 'h' mean on a keen shoe?

-The letter 'H' on product pages stands for half sizes. For example 7H is equal to a US 7.5 - You can easily toggle between the tabs below to make sure you are looking at the correct sizing, based on the person you're buying. What's the best KEEN shoe size for me? How should I measure my foot? What size shoe should I choose?

How does keen give back?

Even today, KEEN gives back by partnering with non-profit organizations around the globe.

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