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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find KCRG news?

KCRG News is a US-based TV channel owned by Gray Television and licensed to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Channel 9 News Cedar Rapids Iowa runs at Virtual CH 9 and serves the entire area of the Eastern Iowa TV market that includes Iowa City, Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, and Dubuque. KCRG News comes on multiple local cables and satellites.

What is Channel 9 on KCRG?

/  42.31639°N 91.85861°W  / 42.31639; -91.85861 KCRG-TV, virtual and VHF digital channel 9, is an ABC / MyNetworkTV / CW - affiliated television station licensed to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States and serving the Eastern Iowa television market (Cedar Rapids– Waterloo – Iowa City – Dubuque ).

What happened to KCRG TV in Iowa?

After the 1996 sale of WHO-TV in Des Moines, KCRG-TV was the only locally owned and operated television station left in Iowa. KCRG started broadcasting in high-definition television in January 2003. The station also had the first news helicopter in Iowa, "NewsCopter 9".

Who owns Cedar Rapids KCRG?

The station is owned by Atlanta -based Gray Television. KCRG-TV's studios are located on Second Avenue Southeast in downtown Cedar Rapids, and its transmitter is located near Walker, Iowa .

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