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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the geometrical structure of H2O molecule?

The geometrical structure of the H2O molecule is non-planar. A significant part of the slightly negative charge and the positive charge in the water molecule stays on the other side of the molecule because of the shape. This is considered a significant example of polar covalent chemical bonding in water molecules.

What does the polarity of a molecule depend on?

The polarity of a molecule majorly depends on its constituent atoms and their arrangement around the central atom. Polar molecules tend to attract water molecules, particularly through a Hydrogen bond.

What do you mean by nonpolar molecules?

Molecules formed using an equal covalent bond to share electrons, with no ionic charge and symmetrical sharing of electrons are called nonpolar molecules. This happens between atoms with similar electronegativity. With no abundance of charges, charges balance each other.

What is the electronegativity value of H2O2?

For H2O2, Oxygen atoms are the most electronegative ones as each Oxygen atom has an electronegativity value of 3.45. Whereas for the Hydrogen atom, it is around 2.20. The difference of electronegativities for Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms is relatively high, making the H-O bond polar.

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