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Frequently Asked Questions

Was Waren Karl Marx's Thesen über Feuerbach?

Die Thesen über Feuerbach von Karl Marx stellen neben der zusammen mit Friedrich Engels verfassten Deutschen Ideologie (1845) die erste Formulierung seiner materialistischen Geschichtsauffassung dar. Den ursprünglichen Text verfasste Marx nach Aussage von Engels „im Frühjahr 1845“, jedenfalls nicht später als Anfang Juni 1845 in Brüssel.

Who is Ludwig Feuerbach?

Ludwig Feuerbach. Ludwig Feuerbach, in full Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach, (born July 28, 1804, Landshut, Bavaria [Germany]—died September 13, 1872, Rechenberg, Germany), German philosopher and moralist remembered for his influence on Karl Marx and for his humanistic theologizing. The fourth son of the eminent jurist Paul von Feuerbach,...

What is Feuerbach's philosophy?

In notes for lectures on the history of modern philosophy that he delivered in 1835/36, Feuerbach wrote that idealism is the “one true philosophy”, and that “what is not spirit is nothing ” ( VGP 139). Around the same time he vigorously defended the “absolute method” employed by Hegel in his Logic against its critics ( GW 8:73).

What was Marx's most significant criticism of Feuerbach?

Marx’s most significant criticism of Feuerbach is that the latter interpreted reality, but did not change it. In other words, his thought stayed at a theoretical level, and never became praxis. As a result Feuerbach remained stuck in the individualism of bourgeois society.

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