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Did Kamala Harris repeat 'the significance of the passage of time'?

Conservatives a re poking fun at some repetitive comments Vice President Kamala Harris made regarding the "significance of the passage of time." Harris repeated the phrase "the passage of time" at least four times within the span of a minute, seeming unable to move the conversation forward during remarks she made in Sunset, Louisiana, on Monday.

Is there too much passage of time?

'There has been too much passage of time with nothing being done.' Vice President Kamala Harris pointed to the 'significance of the passage of time' four times in less than 30 seconds in remarks from Louisiana Monday on expanding broadband Kamala repeatedly says 'significance of the passage of time'

Who introduced Kamala Harris?

Harris was introduced by Louisiana's Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards before she gave what appeared to be an off-script opening to her speech. Kamala Harris branded 'perpetually unprepared' for bizarre response to Ukraine questions 'What’s going on?': Jill Biden jokingly calls Kamala Harris 'President' and conservatives ERUPT

Why did Kamala Harris visit Louisiana?

Harris's trip Monday to Louisiana was to highlight the "necessity" of bringing high-speed broadband internet to communities, according to a tweet from her vice presidential Twitter account. Share your thoughts with friends.

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