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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Nova Scotia Junior B Hockey League?

The winner of the Nova Scotia playoffs competes for the Don Johnson Cup, for the Atlantic Junior "B" Championship The league was founded in 1980 by Al Hollingsworth as the Mainland Junior B Hockey League .

How many hockey teams are there in Nova Scotia?

Originally an exclusively Nova Scotia hockey league, it included six teams: East Hants Junior Penguins, Halifax Colonels, Dartmouth Hoyts, Windsor Royals, Kentville Riteways, and Berwick Shell Juniors. 1968 saw the Truro Bearcats and Amherst Ramblers replace the teams from Kentville and Berwick.

What is the Metro Valley Junior Hockey League?

Originally known as the Metro Valley Junior Hockey League, the league was founded in 1967 by Fred McGillivray and Louie Lewis of Halifax, Nova Scotia and Don Stewart of Berwick, Nova Scotia as a Junior "B" level hockey league.

Is the IJHL still a junior league?

The IJHL is still PEI's premier Junior league, but now is only a Junior "B" league. The winner of the IJHL's playoffs compete for the Don Johnson Cup, the Maritime Junior "B" Championship. For the 1996–97 season, the league added the Cape Breton Islanders and Restigouche River Rats.

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