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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a class-action lawsuit brewing over PS5 joystick drift?

Mere months have passed since the PS5’s hotly anticipated launch, and already there’s a class-action lawsuit brewing over joystick drift on Sony’s high-tech DualSense controllers. Who could have seen this coming? Well, as it turns out, everyone.

How does a joystick work?

The wipers translate their positions into voltage values, which the controller reads to determine the joystick’s position and movement. There are two other noteworthy components in the modern joystick. One is a spring that returns your joystick to a centered, neutral position when you let go.

What controllers use the same joystick hardware?

You may already recognize it from the prior-gen PlayStation’s controller, the DualShock 4. Or from the Xbox One controllers. Maybe the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. Or, somewhat confusingly, the $180 Xbox One Elite controller. Underneath that plastic cap, the dirty secret is that they all use the same joystick hardware.

Is Sony's dualsense controller causing joystick drift?

Unfortunately, Sony’s PlayStation 5, or more specifically the DualSense controller, has been gaining a lot of negative attention for a fault in the joysticks. The issue of joystick drift is almost identical to the one seen with Nintendo’s Joycons, in that case called Joycon drift, except that it is showing up much sooner in the controller’s life.

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