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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my GamePad to my Android TV?

To play games on your TV or monitor, you can connect your Gamepad to your Android TV. Home button : Return to the main screen. Back button : Go back to the last screen. D-Pad buttons: Move up, down, left, or right on the screen. A button: Select your current item. Power button : Hold the button for 3 seconds to turn off your Gamepad.

What are the features of the Logitech joystick?

Features: Fine dual analog joystick, precise cross key and action buttons, anti-sweat and anti-slip, ergonomic design. Support 2 controllers simultaneously; Support Android and Windows standard menu key Back, Menu, Home key functions Wireless connection, may freely manipulated without delay within 30 feet.

What type of controller do I use with my TV?

TV device users may have more than one type of controller that they use with their TV. For example, a user might have both a basic D-pad controller and a game controller. The key codes provided by a game controller when it is being used for D-pad functions may vary from the key codes sent by a physical D-pad.

How do I use the back button on Android TV?

Since the Back button should only perform linear (backward) navigation, you may use the back button to leave an in-app menu (opened by a different button) and return to the app. Consecutively pressing the back-button should always eventually lead to the Android TV home screen.

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