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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a joystick in Android with a surfaceview?

This is an instructable about creating a simple joystick in Android using just a SurfaceView. I was planning on using something like this to control a robot via Bluetooth, but unfortunately couldn't really find a whole lot online about how exactly to put one of these together so I decided to make one from scratch.

How to call joystick callback?

At any time, you can call joystickCallback.onJoystickMoved (xPercent, yPercent, getId ()); for example, and it would call the onJoystickMoved method in whatever happens to be implementing the listener.

What skills do you need to make a joystick?

This Instructable assumes that you have some basic knowledge of Java, Object-Oriented Programming and some previous experience with Android development. The Instructable will go in-depth about how all of the code functions while providing you with the instructions for creating your own joystick.

How to draw a joystick?

float constrainedY = centerY + (e.getY () - centerY) * ratio; Then call the drawJoystick method on the constrained values to draw the new joystick. If you did everything correctly, clicking outside the borders of the joystick base will still cause the joystick to move, but it will always remain within the base.

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