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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a bus from Johor Bahru to Malacca?

A: There are several buses throughout the day from Johor Bahru to Malacca. The first bus for Malacca from Johor Bahru is at 7:30 am and the last bus is at 9:00 pm. Which are the top service operators on the route of Johor Bahru to Melaka bus? A: There are several bus operators providing services on the Johor Bahru to Melaka bus route.

How to get from Johor bahrau to Melaka?

Duration for bus from Johor Bahru to Melaka usually takes about 3 hours. Most coaches will go direct to Melaka without stopping at highway resting area, unless washroom break is requested The standard bus fare for bus from Johor Bahru to Melaka is about RM 15.00 – RM 21.00.

Can I change or cancel my ticket for Larkin (Johor Bahru) departure?

Johor Bahru Malacca Cancellation and change booking is not allowed. For Larkin (Johor Bahru) departure, please collect your ticket at CTS counter No.9 to No 14. IMPORTANT NOTICE:It is mandatory to wear a mask onboard all buses, trains and ferries. Passengers who will be denied entry if they do not wear masks.

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