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Frequently Asked Questions

Why publish in jneurosci?

Launched in 1981, JNeurosci is a multidisciplinary journal that publishes papers on a broad range of topics of general interest to those working on the nervous system. JNeurosci is committed to providing a venue for the advancement of neuroscience research by

How do I dedicate a jneurosci article?

Dedications: JNeurosci only allows dedications to recently deceased neuroscientists who made a specific scientific contribution to the work described in the article. If the recently deceased person was one of the authors of the current paper, the date of death should be included.

What is editorial rejection in jneurosci?

Editorial rejection allows authors to submit their paper elsewhere without further delay. JNeurosci is a member of the Neuroscience Peer Review Consortium, an alliance of neuroscience journals that have agreed to share manuscript reviews at authors’ request.

How do I write a review article for jneurosci?

The editor-in-chief will discuss proposals with appropriate editors and experts to determine the topic’s suitability for JNeurosci. Review articles should have a concise abstract (250 words maximum) followed by an introduction and subsections if desired. There is no limit to the number of figures, diagrams, or references.

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