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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Joint Knowledge Online (JKO)?

Joint Knowledge Online (JKO), is the DoD advanced distributed learning capability for military and civilian individual and staff online training. It is the Joint Staff system of record for Joint Staff annual training requirements.

How do I login to JKO?

To login to JKO you must have an active user account. DoD military and government civilians who have been issued a CAC are able to selfregister for a JKO account. Individuals that do not have a CAC, but have a government or military email account (i.e., ending in .mil, .gov, nps. edu, or may obtain a login and password account.

What support does JKO provide?

From Instructional designers that can help identify how to best teach the concepts required, to the 24/7 help desk that can provided students support once the course is live, JKO provides total life-cycle support for the training and education process.

Will JKO courses work after 31 Dec 20?

Standalone Anti-Terrorism Level I Training - JKO courses with Adobe Flash Player content will not function correctly after 31 DEC 20. - As of October 1, 2020, TGPS courses are NO LONGER AVAILABLE on JKO.

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