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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the JDK and the VM?

The JDK includes two flavors of the VM -- a client-side offering, and a VM tuned for server applications. These two solutions share the Java HotSpot runtime environment code base, but use different compilers that are suited to the distinctly unique performance characteristics of clients and servers.

What is the difference between serverjre and JRE inside JDK?

So which one to use, whole serverJRE or just JRE folder which is inside serverJRE. Also contents of JRE inside serverJRE is same as JRE inside JDK. I am not understanding the difference. Server JRE: It is used to deploy long-running java applications on server. It provides the fastest possible operating speed.

Why is the-client option not working in a 64-bit JDK?

On the java – the Java application launcher page for Windows, the -client option is ignored in a 64-bit JDK: Select the Java HotSpot Client VM. A 64-bit capable jdk currently ignores this option and instead uses the Java HotSpot Server VM.

What is the difference between client system and server system in Java?

They are essentially two different compilers (JITs) interfacing to the same runtime system. The client system is optimal for applications which need fast startup times or small footprints, the server system is optimal for applications where the overall performance is most important.

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