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Frequently Asked Questions

What is rest parameter syntax in JavaScript?

The rest parameter syntax allows a function to accept an indefinite number of arguments as an array, providing a way to represent variadic functions in JavaScript. The source for this interactive example is stored in a GitHub repository.

What are the parameters of a JavaScript function?

The parameters, in a function call, are the function's arguments. JavaScript arguments are passed by value : The function only gets to know the values, not the argument's locations. If a function changes an argument's value, it does not change the parameter's original value.

What is the difference between Rest parameters and spread parameters?

Rest parameters are used to create functions that accept any number of arguments. The spread syntax is used to pass an array to functions that normally require a list of many arguments. Together they help to travel between a list and an array of parameters with ease.

How to get all arguments of a function in JavaScript?

The must always be last. There is also a special array-like object named arguments that contains all arguments by their index. In old times, rest parameters did not exist in the language, and using arguments was the only way to get all arguments of the function. And it still works, we can find it in the old code.

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