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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fitzgerald Marine Reserve?

Fitzgerald Marine Reserve is a county park and marine protected area run by San Mateo County Parks. This beach is especially popular at low tide because more beach is exposed and tide pools too.

What's new at Fitzgerald National Park?

While the 180-acre reserve contains bluff-top trails through a century-old Cypress grove, tide pools are the main attraction at Fitzgerald. Scientists have discovered more than 25 new invertebrate and plant species here.

What is there to do at Fitzgerald?

The tide pools at Fitzgerald are teeming with marine life: seastars, algae, seaweeds, snails and more. To see Fitzgerald Marine Reserve at its best, plan your visit at low tide. The 3-mile stretch of beach and rocky intertidal is a geological wonder and one of the most biologically diverse regions along the Pacific coast.

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