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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Jakarta Post available in English?

The Jakarta Post, Indonesia’s leading English-language daily, is now available via digital subscription. Our digital service provides convenient access to your favorite newspaper for those of you who are outside Indonesia, or are located in Indonesia but cannot obtain morning home or office delivery of The Jakarta Post. PT.

What is E-post by Jakarta Post?

e-Post is the latest product from The Jakarta Post that combines Premium Digital, our basic digital plan, with an e-paper product that can be accessed through our website and app. It offers monthly and daily subscriptions and can be customized for your workplaces and businesses.

What is the Jakarta Post E-Paper app for Android?

Get Indonesia’s finest journalism whenever you need it from The Jakarta Post E-PAPER app for Android. We pride ourselves on our bold and independent reporting about the nation we know best. Politics, the economy, culture and much more. This app provides you convenient access to your favorite newspaper on the go.

Where can I find the Jakarta Post video channel?

Welcome to The Jakarta Post Video Channel! You will be glad to know that Indonesia’s leading English-language daily and digital is now available via YouTube. Please visit and get unlimited access to our latest videos, photo galleries, and longform stories.

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