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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Jakarta commuter train network?

The Jakarta Commuter Train network is the largest train system in and around Jakarta. The commuter train system in Jakarta is often called KRL Commuter or KA Commuter. You might also hear the commuter system in Jakarta being called ‘KRL Jabodetabek’. Jabodetabek is a term used to describe the cities making up Jakarta’s metropolitan area.

How to get around in Jakarta?

The KRL Commuter is an extremely popular form of public transportation in and around Jakarta. You can expect most commuter trains in Jakarta to be jam-packed during the morning on weekdays from 6-9 am and from 4-7 pm when people are finishing work.

What is the KRL Commuter in Jakarta?

The KRL commuter in Jakarta serves as an important alternative to driving in the city. It is immensely popular with locals working in Jakarta who live in the neighboring cities. Subsequently, commuter trains in Jakarta can get overly crowded during peak travel times when road traffic is also congested.

What is the Jakarta airport rail link?

The Jakarta Airport Rail Link is an airport train that currently connects passengers from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport to Central Jakarta and vice versa. Its opening was long-awaited and highly anticipated because it allows passengers to completely bypass Jakarta’s notorious traffic jams during peak times.

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