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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you restore iTunes backup?

Just connect your iPhone to the computer at first. Then run iTunes and click the device's name on the left menu. You can see the Summary window displaying on the right. Find the "Restore Backup..." button and click it. Then choose the backup file you want to restore and begin restoring.

What is the default password for iTunes backup?

Blow are the common passwords used to unlock encrypted iTunes backup password The 6/4 digit unlock code for your iPhone. The password of your iTunes Store account. The password of your iCloud account. 0000, sometimes the default password is in fact, 0000. The password once you used to encrypt your backup file Windows login password.

What to do if I forgot iTunes backup password?

You need to enter iTunes backup password to unlock iPhone backup every time you want to restore from iPhone backup. If you forgot the password, your encrypted files can't be restored from the iPhone backup. Thus you need an iTunes backup password recovery tool to disable the password.

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