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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch Isabelle Huppert films?

Here is our list of the best Isabelle Huppert films to watch on Netflix. On March 16, 2021, Isabelle Huppert celebrated her 68th birthday. A small portion of her filmography is available on Netflix France and celebrates notably her many collaborations with Claude Chabrol .

Who is Isabelle Huppert?

Director Paul Verhoeven is famous for his provocative films, often combining sex, violence and psychological power play. Actress Isabelle Huppert is famous for her demanding roles, often playing powerful women with an obsession for sex and/or violence.

How did Isabelle Huppert get involved in The Haunting of Hill House?

Verhoeven revealed that Isabelle Huppert had heard of the plans to adapt the book, and called around to express her interest in the project long before he himself finally got involved. Fortunately, Verhoeven and Huppert were fans of each other's work, and had wanted to work together for a long time, so Huppert's participation was quickly secured.

Who is Isabelle Huppert's character in the piano teacher?

In this film by Michael Haneke, Isabelle Huppert plays Erika, a strange piano teacher. A spinster living alone with her mother, she struggles with deep loneliness hidden behind her cold and manipulative attitude. The actress plays opposite Benoît Magimel, who is attracted to the piano teacher like a moth to a flame.

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