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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Devils Postpile National Monument open?

Devils Postpile National Monument and the Reds Meadow Valley are open 24 hours per day, seven days per week during the operating season. If planning a trip in June, September, or October, please check the website for current weather and closure information. The monument may close temporarily if winter weather arrives early.

Is Devils Postpile open after Labor Day?

After that, although the waterfalls are still full, but so are park trails, overlooks, and shuttle buses. The mandatory Devils Postpile/Reds Meadow shuttle bus typically begins operations in June (weather permitting) and runs through the Wednesday after Labor Day, which is considered the end of the summer season.

When will Devils Postpile campground open?

Devils Postpile Campground is anticipated to open on June 20 and be open until early to mid September. The mandatory Reds Meadow Shuttle Bus will run for Memorial Day weekend, weather permitting.

Is there a shuttle to Devils Postpile?

Shuttle service has ended for the season. All visitors can drive to Devils Postpile, however, parking may be full from mid-morning to mid-afternoon each day. The $10/car standard amenity fee applies each day.

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