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Frequently Asked Questions

Do women feel invisible as they age?

After all, these feelings depend on the woman. But I will say this, more women than not, as they age, feel invisible. It was when a close girlfriend of mine said, “I feel invisible” during an informal focus group I held for a small group of women over 60, that the word invisible became part of my vocabulary for the first time.

Why do I feel invisible to the world around me?

You are doing nothing to engage with the world around you. Or seek ways to inject a sense of passion about your own life. Of course you feel invisible because without being interested in your own life, you’re going to feel invisible. And look at your social media habits if you feel invisible and unimportant.

Does being a people-pleaser make you more invisible?

So, if you want to be more visible, you may think helping others is key. In all honesty, being a people-pleaser is going to make you more invisible. Because people will expect you to just do all the stuff. As a reformed people-pleaser, I can tell you that I always tried to be The Good Girl.

How to not feel invisible and unimportant all the time?

When you need to break a behavior of being a ghost of sorts in your own life, learning how to not feel invisible and unimportant requires you shift long ingrained habits and thoughts. Begin in a safe space of family or friends. Or with a therapist and coach. And speak up for yourself.

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