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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best wire for electric fence?

Wires for electric fences are either metal or plastic. Metal wire is best for permanent structures, while the light, flexible plastic wires (called polywire) are perfect for temporary fences. Use thicker polyrope or polyribbon for more visible enclosures.

How deep do you have to bury invisible fence wire?

With most invisible fencing devices, a wire is buried several inches deep around the perimeter of your yard. These perimeters are usually 500 to 1,000 feet long, at minimum, and can be set up around any areas you'd like to keep your dog away from, such as vegetable gardens.

How do you wire an electric fence?

Cut at least two feet of wire to connect the electric fence charger to the electric fence wire. Connect one end of the wire to the output screw on the charger. Wrap around the other end of the wire to the electric fence wire. Wrap the wire several times to ensure that it makes contact.

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