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Frequently Asked Questions

Why intern in Milan?

The 8-week Milan internship summer program and 12-week Fall/Spring programs ensure interested students and young professional can go nearly any time of the year. Each program provides interns with language training upon arrival, and innovative opportunities for interactive internships.

How long does an internship in Italy last?

Summer internships are 8 weeks long, while a semester internship last 12-15 weeks. A unique feature of our internship program in Italy is the language course you will be enrolled in before your internship. While interning in Milan you will be able to fully immerse yourself in the local culture and everything the city has to offer.

Where to intern abroad in Italy?

Milan is the perfect Italian city for an internship abroad, as it is much more affordable than other Italian cities. While some internship employers help organize housing in dorms or homestays, most interns rent their own apartment flats.

What are the labor laws in Milan Italy?

Work and Labor Laws in Milan. An internship in Italy must be unpaid and will be less than 90 days. If you are working as an intern while you are a student, you are legally entitled to take the day off for an exam. The maximum number of work hours allowed per week is 40, so no overtime.

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