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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do with my marketing intern?

Conducting Research . A marketing intern will also learn how to collect, research and analyze data. Because an intern is probably unfamiliar with this process, she will do the job under the direct supervision of an experienced marketing representative. Common tasks include gathering information regarding competitors' products and services,...

What is the job description of a marketing intern?

Marketing Intern Job Responsibilities. Marketing Intern is required to prepare summer newsletters by gathering market information from various sources. Marketing Intern needs to prepare mailing list for the circulation of the company’s newsletters. Marketing Intern is involved in developing the product image on social network sites.

What is marketing internship like?

Well a marketing internship is like an exposure to you and tells you how marketing in real world is done.If you have a real passion towards marketing then you should do a marketing internship otherwise you should first find where your passion lies in the field of business.

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