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Frequently Asked Questions

Why internship in Malta?

Welcome To Internship In Malta. Internship in Malta is an internship provider for international students. Our programmes provide students and fresh graduates with the opportunity of a work experience in a Maltese company within different sectors. Due to today’s business world competition, an unpaid internship has become an essential part...

How can I get funding for an internship at mitmaltalingua?

Maltalingua is a registered centre for ERASMUS, PON, and other EU work placement internships programmes. Funding is available for travel and living costs and, as our internships are mostly unpaid, we advise applying for funds through one of the available sponsorship schemes.

What types of internships can I do with openmaltalingua?

Maltalingua can offer you the opportunity to combine a part-time internship in your chosen sector with an English course, or a full-time internship, in various sectors including: Administration and office assistance Event management and Group leading Hospitality Various other tailor-made internships are also available

Are there any internships for archaeology students in Malta?

At the same time, Malta is very small with a population of about 500,000. As such, there isn't the same diversity of internships here as in other parts of Europe. Tourism is the biggest industry for internships and archaeology students will have luck here too. Internships in other fields, such as marketing or education, also exist.

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