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Frequently Asked Questions

What is intern internship in Madrid?

Internships in Madrid are for university and college students. This program provides an opportunity to be involved in Spain’s leading and most vibrant city, where you can thrive off of the energy of the city and its people, all while having the support of a well established and trusted international organization.

Why intern in the capital of Spain?

The capital of Spain is a city where business, government and culture come together to offer a unique opportunity for an intern to experience the vibrant heart of the nation. Travel might be on hold—planning for the future is not. Find out more about our Virtual Internship Program.

Why Madrid is the best place to work in Spain?

Despite the economic crisis that has plagued Spain in recent years, Madrid continues to be the top choice for job and internship seekers in the country. Many multinational corporations have opened offices in Madrid, transforming the city into an important hub of business, finance, and culture.

Why study in Madrid?

Madrid is located in the centre of Spain, on the Manzanares river. Madrid, as it is the capital of Spain it is the centre of politics with the Seat of Government and the Spanish Monarchy located in the city. It is a perfect place to have a student placement from the very heart of Spain.

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