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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install Internet Explorer on my PC?

Click the option for "Downloads and Trials" on the top menu and then choose "Internet Explorer" (the version number updates whenever there is a new release). Click "Download Now" and then save the Internet Explorer setup file to your computer. Find the file and click "Run" to start the installation process.

How do you activate Internet Explorer?

follow these steps to activate: On the Start Screen click the Internet Explorer (IE) desktop tile. From the desktop view locate the IE icon on the Taskbar and click it. Once IE opens, in the address bar enter the URL of the site where you are experiencing issues. Press enter. Press the F12 key on the keyboard.

Which browser is better chrome or Internet Explorer?

For example, Architeck and Google Apps (email, Drive) will work in both Chrome and Explorer, but they perform better in Chrome. Synergy works better in Internet Explorer. Default browser A "default browser" is the browser that is launched when an app or shortcut is selected that requires Internet access.

How do you find Internet Explorer on your computer?

To determine which version of Internet Explorer is installed on your computer: Open your Internet Explorer browser. Near the top right corner, click the Tools ( ) button (or the Help button if you’re using Internet Explorer 8) and then choose About Internet Explorer. The About Internet Explorer window will appear.

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